I've been to many islands throughout the Caribbean, but I can honestly say they don't compare to the islands of Hawaii.

Our Cat Country trip took us to four different islands - all different, and all wonderful.

The last island we visited was the island of Kauai. The first thing one notices on the island is the abundance of chickens. They are everywhere! Apparently a tropical storm a few years back hit the island hard, and chicken coops everywhere were blown open. Chickens escaped and made lots of baby chickens.....

Chickens and Roosters are everywhere in Kauai

In Kauai, we met up with our YMT tour guides and went to an old fashioned Hawaiian Luau! Lots of dancing, singing, great food - and Mai Tais!

A Hawaiian Luau. There's a pig being cooked in the ground.
Hawaiian Luau. It's dinner time!

As our trip concluded, we headed back to Honolulu. There we went on a quick tour of the southern part of Oahu, and paid a visit to Pearl Harbor. At Pearl Harbor, it was a very moving experience visiting the memorial, and figuring out just how the Japanese planes approached on the fateful day in 1942.

Pearl Harbor

My experience in Hawaii was all I hoped for, and much more. I can't wait to return. Mahalo.

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