When my kids were younger, they pretty much lived off Lunchables. They are little boxed lunches for kids filled with kid friendly food, like pizza, ham and cheese and such.

Great for kids always on the go, involved in sports and activities, or for those seemingly forever parked in front of the Playstation or X-Box.

So, I thought, why not Lunchables for adults? Maybe instead of semi-nutritious and kinda-healthy food and drink, there would be stuff adults really like -- you know, food and drink that have no redeemable benefits what-so-ever.

Adult Lunchables might contain Beef Jerky, or a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. Maybe a margarita! A couple cigarettes, you know, just in case you're having one of those days. How about some nitro-nachos, super hot wings, or pork rinds? A doughnut, a shot of jack Daniels, or some deep-fried anything?

Got any suggestions for Adult Lunchables? Leave `em below.