The opening scene to begin this episode had my jaw dropping!

And then Rayna woke up.  She needs to get Deacon out of her head!

Juliette's world seems to be blowing up around her.  Not that she doesn't deserve it....  But on one hand, I kind of feel sorry for her.  She's struggling with a lot of mommy issues and that's got to be tough.  But she's a dummy.  Why is she trying to bury herself and her career?

Avery's gone back to being a jerk, too.  I'm not sure what Scarlett sees in him.  He's kind of cute, but he's a dummy too.

Kimberly Paisley is a refreshing new character.  But not a very nice one...  I hope she hangs around, I want to know more about the history behind her and Rayna's husband.  Teddy, oh Teddy, you might just be the biggest dummy of them all.

Each week I start to like Rayna's character more and more.