So, Teddy didn't do what I thought he did...

And Rayna and Deacon seem to know each other better than they know themselves.  And Deacon is a good man.  He's sweet, cute, a good singer and guitar player and he helps drug addicts get help.  Juliette's mama is in need of some serious help and Deacon is there like Superman to help get her to rehab.  Good, good man.

It kind of seemed like Jolene, Juliette's mama, was going to try and stay straight, but then Juliette came home one day and realizes that the house is way too quiet.  Jolene was passed out with some strange dude.  That's when Deacon stepped in to help.

And Juliette said screw her old home.  To the hills she goes!  She moves into an ultra modern, super sleek house in the hills of Nashville.

Are there hills in Nashville?  I have no idea, I've never been there.  I want to go really badly!

And I'm a little sad that Peggy's (Kimberly Paisley) secret wasn't sexier!  Kind of bummed, but happy Teddy is still squeaky clean.  Well, besides that little $2 million embezzlement....

Episode 6 was on this past Wednesday and it's still sitting on my DVR.  Hopefully I will get to it this weekend.

Happy news that came out this week - 'Nashville' got picked up for a full season, (a full 22 episodes) which means it will likely be renewed for season 2.  Here's hoping!