Well, Avery is still a dummy.

A real dummy.  Even though he didn't (fully) succumb to the cougar manager, he screwed up with Scarlett.  Big time.  That may just be the best thing to happen to Scarlett, though she doesn't know it now.

And it seems like Juliette has found a man that might just calm her down and make her grow up a bit!

Even though it cost her $25,000...  But her little quarterback seems like a good match.  He doesn't drink and likes to stay in on Friday and Saturday nights.  Juliette needs a lot of that in her life right now.

Rayna, on the other hand, goes out and get drunk and records a great song.  With the kind of guy that Juliette might be seen with....

Whatever works, right?

And the drama is getting good with Teddy (Rayna's husband, mayoral hopeful) and Coleman (Rayna's friend and current mayor).  I feel like this is the weakest plotline of 'Nashville,' but they are obviously trying.  Because the writers are setting us up for a huge misunderstanding on both accounts - Teddy and Peggy with the Private Investigator's photos and with Coleman and the cops with a narcotics arrest....

And it looks like we'll hear a duet from Rayna and Juliette next week!  (There isn't a new episode this week.)