The Fall TV Season is in full force with new shows already on the major networks.  But the one show that I have been waiting for is premiering tonight!

The show is set in Nashville and is all about country music and the big business that backs it.  Connie Britton plays Rayna Jaymes, a country legend who's popularity is starting to fade.  Hayden Panettiere plays young Juliette Barnes, an up-and-coming star in Nashville.  She also happens to be beautiful and sneaky...  Britton's character thinks she has a truly talented, yet undiscovered, star of Scarlett O'Connor that will help resurrect her career.  But the suits of the Nashville scene have other plans.

The show is bound to have some great music and some great scenes of Nashville.  Because unlike New Jersey, Tennessee gave the TV network a nice tax break for filming a show about the city of Nashville, in the actual city of Nashville.....

I will be watching 'Nashville' on ABC tonight at 10pm!

Will you?