A total of 80 advocacy groups are against the National Ocean Policy, which they say can harm the fishing industry.

The Recreational Fishing Alliance is just one group opposed to the plan, which was approved through Executive Order by President Barack Obama. Managing Director Jim Hutchinson says it would add more bureaucracy that would make it harder to fish and use our oceans. Right now, a bi-partisan group of legislators are doing what they can.

Hutchinson says “there are already guidelines in place to protect the waters. We don’t need this extra layer which will make it harder for people to fish both commercially and recreationally. Also, President Obama’s order is unconstitutional and shouldn’t have been brought through without undergoing proper legislative channels.”


The letters are headed to U.S. House Appropriations Committee Chairman Harold Rogers (KY), as well as the Chairperson of each House Appropriations Subcommittee, asking that language be included in all Fiscal Year 2013 appropriations bills that would prohibit the use of funds to implement the new National Ocean Policy. The request was made as part of an effort to achieve a pause in policy implementation that would provide more time for oversight and examination of potential impacts.

The letter’s signatories represent a wide array of commercial and recreational interests and reflect the breadth of concern that citizens and businesses across the United States continue to have about the National Ocean Policy as developed thus far.

In an email blast to members, RFA executive director Jim Donofrio called the National Oceans Policy (NOP) “a complete takeover of our state rights,” which he said “should not be supported by either party.”

In supporting the letter sent by Chairman Hastings, RFA cited Donofrio’s testimony before the House Natural Resources Committee in 2011 in which he said “It seems counterproductive to advance and fund the NOP when it will stifle job growth in the fishing sectors.”

Hutchinson adds the only way to get rid of the order is for the President to change his mind or lose the election this November to a candidate who wants to rescind it.