This week is National Gardening Week and tomorrow is National Gardening Exercise Day. No, I did not make this up. To celebrate here are the top 10 crops of New Jersey.

Back in May released the top crops in New Jersey. Did you know New Jersey's slogan isn't really "The Garden State"? Nope, it's not official, yet. However, official or not, we have adopted that title. So here are the top 13 crops in New Jersey.


  • 13


    I love going apple picking in the fall. Nice, crisp, fresh apples are the best. Coming in at #13 apples make around $4.6 million. We rank in at #8 in the country in apple production.

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    New Jersey is the second largest producer of eggplant in the country. Who knew? This veggie makes around $5.2 million.

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    Our sandy soil is perfect for asparagus. New Jersey is the fourth in the country for this crop. It produces around $9.6 million.

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    I LOVE fresh spinach. Last year 30.7 million pounds of spinach was harvested in New Jersey! Like asparagus we rank 4th in the country. Spinach last year made $10.2 million.

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    $11.5 million was made in New Jersey from cabbage. The state ranks at #8.

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    This is for all varieties of squash. Every time I hear or see the word squash I hear Gopher from Winnie the Pooh saying the word with the whistle lisp he had. Anyway... $12.7 million was made from squash last year. NJ ranks in at #6.

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    A nice crisp juicy cucumber is just so refreshing. I especially love putting them in water. Farmers made $16.8 million last year on this crop. New Jersey is #6 in the US.

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    Sweet Corn

    I'm just going to put this out there, New Jersey has the best corn in the country. I've had corn from other states and it is not as sweet and juicy as our corn is. Shockingly we only rank in at #13 producing $17.3 million in corn.

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    Bell Peppers

    Coming in at #4 in the country and producing around $20 million dollars, bell peppers come in at #5 in the list.

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    This comes as no surprise. The Pine Barrens are littered with cranberry bogs. The state produced $21.2 million in cranberries last year. New Jersey ranks in at #3.

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    This one threw me for a loop. I hear peaches and I think Georgia. New Jersey is the 4th largest producer of peaches in the country. Last year peaches produced $27.3 million.

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    No surprise right? Jersey tomatoes are so sweet and juicy. We have the perfect soil for tomatoes. What is a surprise though is NJ isn't even in the top 5 with tomato production, coming in at #8. Tomatoes brought in $46.4 million last year.

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    Blueberry season is almost upon us and I cannot wait. Is it weird I eat them right before they are ripe, they have a bit of green on them, and are sour? Last year NJ farmers produced 48.6 million pounds which translates to $66.2 million. Shockingly, like tomatoes, New Jersey is #8 in the country.

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