Cat Country 107.3 is now playing brand new never-heard-before music from Kenny Chesney!

This morning, and throughout the day, we'll be playing the brand-new song, "Pirate Flag." It's the first song off an upcoming Kenny Chesney album, expected to be released this spring.

Listen for "Pirate Flag" today on Cat Country 107.3,, and on the Free App, RadioPup. (On RadioPup, search Atlantic City & Cat Country 107.3)

Here's the times that we will be playing Pirate Flag today (February 1st):

*Between 5:30 and 5:40am
*Between 6 and 6:15am
*Between 7 and 7:15am
*Between 8 and 8:15am
*Between 9 and 9:15am
*Between 10 and 10:15am
*Between 11 and 11:15am
*Between 12 and 12:15pm
*Between 1 and 1:15pm
*Between 2 and 2:15pm
*Between 3 and 3:15pm
*Between 4 and 4:15pm
*Between 5 and 5:15pm
*Between 6 and 6:15pm