Summer is right around the corner! And before we know it, everyone will be out doors embracing the sun, the surf and the skate that the shore points have to offer! And with the help of Jason Klotz of Atlantic City, and YOU, all of that can be possible... Here's how you can be a part of today's #DailyDoseOfGood!

Attention all my skaters out there: get ready! What was built by the local skaters for the city two years ago, is now being knocked down, rebuilt, and expanding to become a safe-haven for skaters in South Jersey.

It doesn't take much to see all the hard work that Jason and his supporters have been putting in to help Atlantic City generate the newest and greatest skate park EVER. With the help of the community, Jason has put together a Go-Fund-Me page to raise money to add a large skateboarding obstacle to an already established skateboard area on Soverign Avenue in Atlantic City. But this time, it's gonna be bigger and better then ever.

The city has given the project permission to relocate a big batting cage, that has been in the middle of the court, to replace it with a big obstacle with two pyramid corners, 2 euro gaps, 2 hubbas, and a bank to ledge all in one obstacle. Now, although I have no idea what those things are... the inner-wanna-be-skater in me is FREAKING out (throwback thursday to my checkered vans days).

Credit: Jason Klotz via

The new structure will mimmick one that Jesse Clayton already built at Whitehall Skate Park in Philadelphia. And speaking of Jesse, who builds skateparks for a living; He has confirmed he is volunteering his time to help build this new and improved skate park for the community of Atlantic City.

According to Jason, the funds will help make this a legit met park for our skating community. He says the goal for this project is, "to help Atlantic City economically, spiritually, culturally, and recreationally. The team wants to promote and create all of these things with this park, by holding events but mainly by providing an everyday community and culture of recreation, mindfulness, and peacefulness."

Jason is very appreciative of all the support and patience. Dates of completion are still being sorted out but he says if all goes well, a finished product could be ready by the end of May! Atlantic City will have a park, and it will be built with all YOUR donations.

Credit: Jason Klotz via

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