I see that  new advertising and public relation firms have been hired to help boost Atlantic City tourism.
Among the projects: come up with a new  slogan for Atlantic City. (Apparently, "Always Turned On" isn't paying off like someone thought it would. Well, duh!)
With tongue slightly in cheek, here are  some of my ideas , I'll gladly share for free.
*Atlantic City --- Everyone Leaves At Some Point
*Atlantic City --- Yeah, We Know....
*Atlantic City --- HaHaHa!
*Atlantic City --- Throwing Good Money After Bad For Generations!
Let's start with "Everyone Leaves At Some Point." Let's see, among the minor league sports teams that have come and gone in the last decade:  Baseball's Atlantic City Surf, hockey's  Atlantic City Boardwalk Bullies,  the Atlantic City Card Sharks indoor football team and basketball's Atlantic City Sea Gulls.
Then there's the Miss America Contest, various airlines that have come and gone from the Atlantic City Airport, and, most recently, the Atlantic City/New York ACES train. (Funny, a lot of these enterprises left shortly after special incentive subsidies ran out...)
My other suggestions for a new slogan for Atlantic City are pretty much easily understood. Please feel free to add your own in the comments below.