The story of a New Jersey Public Works Inspector stealing a lot of quarters has been all over the news the last couple of days.

It can't possibly be true. Can it?

According to numerous news sources, including the Associated Press, Thomas Rica has pleaded guilty to four counts of theft, relating to the theft of quarters from a parking meter collection room.

Authorities say over a period of 15 months, Rica would enter the room, put quarters in his pants, and take them home. All told, they say he stole over $460.000 - that's over 1.8 million quarters! He then deposited the quarters in his bank account.

I say ---- this can't possibly be true!

Let's check the math:

If Rica worked 5 days a week over the 15 months, and stole quarters every day... that's 5 days x approximately 60 weeks... so, he stole quarters about 300 days.

If he stole 1,800,000 quarters over those 300 days, that's 6,000 quarters a day! If each quarter weighs 1/4 of an ounce ... that's 1500 ounces... or over 93 pounds of quarters in his pockets each day!

There is NO WAY someone can carry 6,000 quarters - or 93 pounds - in their pockets each day without someone - well, EVERYONE - noticing!  Didn't the folks at his bank wonder where all the quarters were coming from? Did he take the time to wrap the quarters every day - or did he just plop them on the counter every visit?

Again, I say, this story can't possibly be true! Can it?

UPDATE: Some news stories say the theft was over 25 months...... even then, were still talking well over 50 pounds a day....