There was a vote on the ballot last night in Wildwood to change the name of the North Wildwood section of the city back to Angelsea.  It got defeated.

So North Wildwood will remain North Wildwood.  Angelsea was the original name for the area until it incorporated with Wildwoods in 1885.

According to Newsworks,

The non-binding referendum, placed on the ballot after 100 people signed a petition this summer, was rejected by 60.64% of the voters, according to data from the Cape May County Clerk.

A city study found that changing the name would cost between $20,000 and $30,000 to reprint municipal assets with the Anglesea name.

I own property in North Wildwood and I'm ok with the name staying, but I understand others and why they would want to change it back to Angelsea.