Game of Thrones is back and I've seen many people holding their own themed party. What does every good party need? Great food!

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    Cornish Hen

    Now I've never had a Cornish hen, but I would feel fancy if I had my very own Cornish hen in front of me. Don't forget to nix the utensils. Who needs those modern luxuries. Get a recipe here.

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    Wine...Red Wine

    Everyone in Game of Thrones has a chalice of red wine. Have you noticed they only drink red wine? I mean I'm not complaining I love a nice glass of red wine.

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    Turkey Pot Pie

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    Every time I hear or see the word ale I think of the scene in Disney's Robin Hood when the snake Sir Hiss getting put in the barrel of ale during the bow and arrow competition. Spoiler alert he came out drunk.

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    Similar to a soup or stew, pottage is an easy one pot dish. Hence the name POTtage. Recipe here.

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    Fruit and honey

    Back in the Middle Ages dessert consisted mostly of fruit with honey drizzled on it. Simple. I like simple.

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    You might want to replace the regular milk with almond milk if you want to be more authentic. Here's a recipe.