The grand opening of Toddler Transformations, LLC, has been marred by local citizens picketing in front of the physician's offices on Jimmie Leeds Road in Galloway.

Toddler Transformations is opening their pediatric plastic surgery practice today, and their opening has met with controversy. The clinic is offering all  sorts of child plastic surgery, including rhinoplasty (nose jobs), tummy-tucks, cheek implants and more.

Besides reports of protestors at the clinic, several angry phone calls have been received here at Cat Country, from listeners concerned about Toddler Transfomations' practices.

According to Dr. Monica Herrington, the surgery  can make a big difference. "Sometimes, parents are a little embarrassed by their child's appearance. With the surgery options we offer, they can now, finally, display the 'perfect child' to their family and friends."

Harrington could not be reached for comment about the protesters. As of now, Cat Country is scheduled to do a live broadcast from the clinic's grand opening today from 2 - 4pm.

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