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What Do You Miss Most From Your Childhood?
Adulthood gets in the way of things we used to love as a child. We look back in envy of our childhood selves, but never do anything about it. What do you miss?
We Tried Irish Step Dancing [VIDEO]
St. Paddy's Day is around the corner, which means everyone is fascinated with all things Irish. We decided to try out some Irish step dancing.
How Irish is Corned Beef?
Here is the U.S. we love to eat corned beef, cabbage, and potatoes on St. Patrick's Day. Just how Irish is corned beef and other St. Paddy's Day traditions?
'American Idol' vs 'The Voice' [Poll]
"American Idol" is back on TV which brings up the question, which is better "American Idol" or "The Voice"? Take our poll and let us know.
Want to Lose Weight? Drink Tequila!
Scientists are studying the sugars in the plant that tequila is made from and the connection it has to blood glucose and weight loss.