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Shaun White and 'The Flag Incident'
Shaun White made history winning his 3rd Olympic gold medal in snowboarding. However, all anyone can talk about is how he accidentally dragged the flag.
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Happy Mardi Gras! If you are looking to celebrate Fat Tuesday with some traditional delicious food check out these recipes.
So, What is Curling?
We sit and watch in awe every time curling is on during the Olympics. Let's face it we have not a clue what's going on.
Is Snapchat Going to Lose Users?
Let's not mince words here, Snapchat's update is just plain terrible. It is so terrible people are threatening to leave the app. Why is it so bad?
Okay, But Where Were the Clydesdales?
The Eagles won their first Super Bowl, P!nk spit out gum before singing, there was selfie kid, but where were the Clydesdales. We found out.