You've definitely seen those Windex commercials where the birds fly into the glass windows because they're so clear, right?!  Well, South Jersey Gas is helping a Wildlife Refuge, in favor of the birds this time. 

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South Jersey Gas is giving back with a $2,800 grant to help the Woodford Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge install window film treatments at its Nature Center in Medford to protect birds from injury.

This particular film will help make the facility's glass more visible to birds, which are only able to see reflection of the surrounding habitat. Once these window film treatments are installed, birds that live around Cedar Run's 171-acre property will be deterred from flying into windows, preventing injury and possible death.

Believe it or not, the Audubon Society estimates over one hundred million birds die every year in collisions with structures.

In which case: Windex needs to chill. 

President of South Jersey Gas, Dave Robbins, told that, "South Jersey Gas is passionate about its focus on environmental protection. We are pleased that our contribution can protect and preserve the wildlife that makes up Woodford Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge."

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Along with the good that SJ Gas is doing by helping to protect our wildlife in South Jersey, Cedar Run is in the works of doing good on their own! In addition to its Nature Center and public education initiatives serving 40,000 students annually through various programs, it also operates a hospital facility that cares for more than 4,000 injured, orphaned, or displaced wild animals each year.

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