I don't stay up and watch the late news very often, but when I do, I watch NBC 40 in Atlantic City.

Saturday night, as I'm watching the 11pm news, hosted by the partially-unshaven Jeff Whitaker (Hey Jeff, No Shave November hasn't started yet!), the station did a story on a ceremony in Somers Point.

The event honored the founder of Somers Point, Richard Somers. As local TV news stories go, it was informative and pretty well done. Except for one thing.

One major thing.

Throughout the entire story, the reporter, Marquis Lupton, mispronounced the name "Somers."  As in Richard Somers (twice) and Somers Point (three times).


Even though the people he interviewed for the story correctly pronounced "Somers" every time, Lupton got it wrong every time.

C'mon, Lupton! It's Somers Point - it a community about two miles from your studio! You've got to get that one right!

I'll be watching Lupton's next story. I hear his next assignment is in Buena....or Forked River.