Yesterday, today and tomorrow, if you're headed to McDonald's, you can be part of a test market study for a new menu item!

The Philadelphia/South Jersey area has been chosen as a test study for McDonald's new Shakin' Fries.  My husband went to McDonald's yesterday and picked up his free (Free?? I'm in!) fries.  Well, I guess they aren't completely free, you have to order a large sandwich in order to get the fries for free....

Anyway, he said they were just ok.  He's a McDonald's french fry purist.

Me too.

There are three different flavors - garlic Parmesan, spicy Buffalo or zesty ranch.  My husband tried the garlic Parm...  again, he said they were just ok.  And he only used half of the seasoning packet.

Give them a try today or tomorrow if you're around a Mickey D's!