Here we go again. It's been snowing since last evening, and the roads don't look like they've been touched.

Please know this isn't a criticism of the hard-working men (and women?) who drive the snow plows. I realize they've been putting in a lot of hard work all winter long.

Granted, I leave for work at 4am, but I'm amazed that it looks like several major local roads had not seen a plow at all. We all heard the weather forecast - shouldn't plows have been out all night to keep from "losing the roads"?

I blame government officials. Whether it's on the local, county, or state level, someone (or a lot of someones) is failing miserably. Managing government requires preparing for disasters and emergencies. While this has been an exceptional difficult winter, snow removal has generally not been managed well.

Kids missing school today? Don't blame Mother Nature. Blame your mayor, county commissioner, and others who've failed you this winter. They didn't plan. They didn't manage. I give them an F for the winter term.