I played baseball as a kid. My kids have played baseball. I've been to more baseball games than I can count.

Sunday, I went to a baseball game. It was the best game ever.

Sunday was opening day for the South Jersey "Field of Dreams" - a baseball field designated for children with physical and cognitive disabilities. Located in Dr. Johnathon Pitney Recreation Park in Absecon, the field, and it's wonderful program, has been going strong for several years now. Games are played on weekends from now through the end of June.

The volunteers who run the field and the program have put together a place where dreams can certainly come true for children of all levels and abilities. It was difficult for me to not smile (and, I never smile!). The joy and excitement from these kids was truly contagious.

To find out more about the Field of Dreams, click here. If you know a child who might benefit, sign `em up. If you want to volunteer, sign up. Or, if you just want to see a place where dreams do come true, stop out and catch a game or two. I promise you, you will smile!

My son's baseball team from Egg Harbor Township high School helped out at the field Sunday afternoon. Here's Michael with one of the D-Back players