Our relatively warm winter continues here in South Jersey. How warm? Your Easter flowers might already be popping out of the ground.

I usually use, "wow, the Easter flowers are already coming up," as a gauge to describe how rough, cold, or snowy a winter has been. This morning, I was surprised to see some daffodils trying to make an appearance already.  It's the middle of January!

Now, we did get some snow this past weekend -- in fact, the little bit of snow that fell early Saturday morning was enough to triple our seasonal snowfall total. Officially at Atlantic City International Airport, we've received a whopping 2.3 inches of snow so far this winter. In contrast, by this date last year, we already saw over 30 inches of snow.

Keep in mind, there is plenty of winter left -- spring is 56 days away. Is there any snow in the forecast? With temperatures in the 40s and 50s all week, no. However, it's fun to note that the Old Farmers Almanac is calling for a blizzard in this area on January 30th and 31st, followed by a colder and snowier February.