I have a warped sense of humor. Maybe even a warped view of life.

I've spent more than 24 hours waiting for Spirit Airlines to come through, but they haven't.

I'm not talking about a flight, or lost luggage, or anything like that.

I'm waiting for Spirit Airlines to come out with their next big sale. Their next big tastelessly named sale.

If you weren't aware, US Airways posted a very pornographic photographic tweet the other day. They say their twitter feed was hijacked and it wasn't from them. (Maybe I shouldn't use the term "hijacked" when discussing airlines.) I can't show you a picture of the tweet, or even describe it. because I like my job.

Anyway, I'm surprised as heck that Spirit Airlines has yet to launch a sale, spoofing the event. This is the airline that has had sales called: "MILF: Many Islands, Low Fares", "We're Having a Threesome Sale". and the "We're Not Smoking Crack Sale."

So, what gives, Spirit? Why the delay? Where's the next sale?

(Dear Spirit Airlines People: I have some great ideas. Call Me!)