Remember Patricia Krentcil?  AKA Tan Mom?  Well, she's back in the news.

Evidently Tan Mom sent a letter to the head of Vivid Entertainment (the guys that shop out celebrity sex tapes...) stating that she would make a better sex tape than Teen Mom Farrah Abraham.

Here's the issue - Farrah Abraham, star of reality TV gem, 'Teen Mom,' was reportedly shopping around a sex tape.  Classy.

Now Tan Mom has reportedly sent a letter to Vivid Entertainment saying that if they really wanted to make some money, they would consider her for their next film.

Oh my.

According to,

"TMZ obtained a letter she wrote to Vivid Entertainment CEO Steve Hirsch, wherein she (Tan Mom) says:

“I see you are trying to buy this sex tape from this Teen Mom. Well, if you REALLY want to make more MONIES, then I would agree to let you film me and all my hotness. I am far MORE popular and WAY HOTTER than Farrah … Men want a cougar and a real woman, not a teenybopper. Contact me back if you’re ready to talk serious cash and rock the world.”

What is wrong with these "mom's?"