That was quite a show! That was quite an event!

South Jersey played host to Kenny Chesney and Kenny Chesney put on quite a show!

It's been a whirlwind two weeks - you know, we first announced the concert just 2 weeks ago!

Here at Cat Country 107.3, I'd like to personally thank the following:
*All of our fans, listeners, and friends! That's YOU! Thank you for your enthusiasm, your passion, and your friendliness - starting with the concert announcement and ending with the concert itself. We always say we have the best listeners! (And thanks for posting your concert photos! Keep `em coming. )

*Thanks to Kenny Chesney! I spoke with Kenny Chesney Saturday and he was so excited about doing the show on the Wildwood Beach. I think we all saw that enthusiasm continue last night.

*Thanks to American Express, to Kenny Chesney's management, and all who brought us into the fold.

*Thank you to Wildwood! You let all of South Jersey crash your party - and you were great hosts!

*Thank you to all our sponsors, too numerous to mention, who partnered with us over the last couple of weeks.

*To anyone I forgot, thank you. (It's not that you weren't important. It's just that my memory sometimes really sucks.)

*Finally, thanks to all of my co-workers here at Cat Country 107.3 and Townsquare Media. I threw this crazy idea at them a few weeks ago, and everyone put forth 110%.

We love you South Jersey!