Well... and the rest of the chocoholics around the world because today is #NATIONALCHOCOLATEDAY


I could actually each chocolate all day, every any time.....ALL THE TIME.

Opera loves bread,
I love Chocolate.

Therefore, I've taken the liberty of listing off the TOP 10 Chocolate Candies according to a chocolate connoisseur--aka me:

  • 1

    3 Musketeers

    You can't tell me the chocolate mouse-fluff, coated by a delicious chocolate shell...doesn't make your soul just melt 

    Credit: 3 Musketeers via Amazon
  • 2


    Personally, the crunch of the chocolate wafer is SO satisfying. Break me off a piece!

    Credit: KitKat via Amazon
  • 3


    Ok... Although you have to run the length of a football field to burn off the cals from one of these little babies, THEY'RE SO WORTH IT. It's bite sized chocolatey goodness that's a MUST HAVE every time I go to the movies.

    Credit: M&M via Amazon
  • 4

    Reese's Peanut Butter Cup

    I'm allergic to peanut butter....but I felt like it'd be unfair of me to be biased towards this beauty. Whenever I see a commercial for this (especially with the Reese's Pieces inside) I'm like DAMN, and die a little inside.

    Credit: Reese's via Amazon
  • 5


    Big fan, BIG FAN! EXCEPT--it literally can't even be a day stale. Otherwise that amazingly gooey caramel gets too hard and chewy and it's hard to eat. But regardless I'm always down for a good Twix Mmmmm

    Credit: Twix via Amazon
  • 6

    Hershey's Kisses

    Of course! These little drops of love are perfectly satisfying, and they make you work for it too! Your fingers are burning calories trying to unwrap the chocolate, so it's basically healthy right?

  • 7

    Hersey's Chocolate Bar

    Classic. Obviously. 

    Credit: Hershey's via Amazon
  • 8

    Milky Way

    Ok imagine this: Your favorite chocolate bar meets caramel....GOLDEN. The fluffy mouse (like the Musketeers) mixed with Carmel is like GOD SENT.

    Credit: MilkyWay via Amazon
  • 9


    Again, ugh, peanuts. But I feel ignorant neglecting the beauty and brains behind this creation.

    Credit: Snickers via Amazon
  • 10

    Lindt Lindor Truffle

    These should be WAY higher on the list but save the best for last right? Ugh it's like Christmas in a ball of Chocolatey Joy

    Credit: Lindt via Amazon