It's Cow Appreciation Day and Chick-Fil-A honors everyone who dresses as a cow by giving them a FREE Entree!

Credit: TSM

I had to explain this to a friend: Chick-Fil-A's slogan is "Eat Mor Chiken" as advocated by a friendly cow (who obviously doesn't want to be eaten). Therefore, on cow appreciation day, Chick-Fil-A supports the longevity of cow-life.

So in order to support, our CAT mascot wanted to join in and dress as the Chick-Fil-A COW on this #CowAppreciationDay.

Credit: TSM

Let me tell you: Cat truly played the part of the Cow today. And yes, don't worry, Cat was rewarded some free food in the end.

Check it out as Cat plays Cow!

What sound do Cat-Cows make? 

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