The Kentucky Derby is best known as the premiere horse racing event of the year.  It's second-best-known for the crazy hats that woman wear to watch the Derby.  Here are the best (or worst...)

Above  is Bonnie-Jill Laflin.  Should I know who she is?  I had to google her....

Great hat, I probably have a purple boa leftover from a past Halloween costume stuffed in a closet at home that I could attach to a white cowboy hat.  Done.

Star Jones.  This is a pretty fantastic hat, too.  Though I don't think I can make a homemade version.  Buzzfeed put together a great list of hats/drunk people/celebrity sightings from the Derby this weekend and they explained this hat to a "T,"

"If My Little Pony were a dress and hat this is what it would look like."

That is a big hat, Cyndi Lauper.  A big hat.

My two favorites were Miranda Lambert and Mary J. Blige.  Great hats, great dresses.  Check out Miranda's shoes!

Better than the celebrities, are the pictures of the common folk and the outfits they decide to wear for this historic event.  Click HERE to see some great pictures from the Kentucky Derby!