I drive the parkway A LOT. Every single day I drive a good amount of the parkway and I have decided that there are good and bad areas. South Jersey is home to the most beautiful section of the G.S.P.

As someone who used to commute to Montclair State University and takes the parkway everyday to work I would consider myself an expert. I know the areas where people drive like idiots. I know the areas where no matter what time of day it is there will be traffic. Muscle memory takes over with every curve and turn.

Some areas of the parkway are quite scenic, others well not so much.

Even within the scenic areas, some are more beautiful than others.

Now, I don't have a ranking system, but I have decided the most scenic section of the G.S.P.

The area I am referring to is between mile 50 and mile 48 or between 48 and 50 depending on which direction you are traveling.

TSM Chelsea Corrine


This area of wide open space, takes you through the salt marsh and over the Mullica River.

The salt marsh has always held a special place in my heart. I'll even admit to liking the smell of low tide. Anyone who lives near one knows what I am talking about. I find these areas absolutely gorgeous.

TSM Chelsea Corrine

In the afternoon on my way home from work I am always taken back by the way the clouds look in this area. They look almost like a painting or as if they are fake suspended from the sky. The area is quite flat making it the perfect landscape. The perfect combination of land and sky.

I look forward to driving through this section everyday. I decided to stop this morning and take some pictures to share with you the beauty of the area. I did get a few bites from green head flies, but it was totally worth it.