I watched the new HBO drama 'The Newsroom' last night.  Did you watch it?

I used to work in a TV newsroom, so I was doubly curious about how Aaron Sorkin (the West Wing, The Social Network) would portray a newsroom on TV.  Did he come close?

I think so.

I enjoyed the show, I despise Will McAvoy, played by Jeff Daniels, (right now, but I think he will grow on me) and love Charlie Skinner, played by Sam Waterson.  Anyone who constantly drinks Scotch at work is ok by me.... Evidently that's what the "old timers" used to do!

Some are saying the series is the 'West Wing' in a television station, but I'm going to give it a full season.  I liked last night's episode, so my little DVR will be working overtime on Sunday nights.

But, will the series only be appreciated by those who have worked in the business before?

What do you think?  Will you watch it?  Or am I drawn to the series because of my career?