NBC News has compiled and released a list of the ten most annoying things people do at concerts. And I agree with all ten.

When you attend a concert, we all become citizens of a small city. Sometimes there's a thousand people at a show, sometimes there's 80,000 people at a show. But regardless of the size of the show, all of these pet-peeves seem to be true. From filing the whole concert on an iPhone to getting so drunk you puke all over the place, here's the list from NBC News with my added thoughts.

1. Taking pictures the entire show.

Everyone wants to remember going to a concert, but after the 58th picture from the lawn at the Susquehanna Bank Center, all of those blurry, "that-kinda-looks-like-Brad-Paisley" Brad Paisley pictures all start to look the same. Your favorite band is singing your favorite song, you snap a picture on your cell phone, it comes out blurry, you delete it, you take another picture with your cell phone, it comes out blurry again, you delete it, you take another picture with your cell phone, and by then, the band's into their drummer's solo and you missed your favorite song.

And I'm going to insert another annoying behavior: 1B. Taking pictures with your iPad at a concert.

2. Checking e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter every couple of minutes.

NBC says it this way, "Unless you're a surgeon or a firefighter, everything can wait. Live in the moment. Enjoy the show. You paid good money to be here."

3. Incessantly talking to your friends.

I don't necessarily have a problem with people talking at concerts. The point of going to a show is to experience it with your friends. Unless you're being loud and talking the entire time, have fun.

4. Yelling out requests.

95% of the time, the set-list for a concert is determined well before the show starts. And if or when you find yourself at a concert where the singer actually takes requests from the crowd, refer to all ten and a half items on this list and enjoy something that usually doesn't happen.

5. Yelling out "Freebird."

No commentary necessary. It ain't 1974 anymore.

6. Pushing your way to the front.

We've all been to general admission shows. The true, die-hard fans wait in line for hours to get as close to the stage as possible and the rest of us get there when we get there. If you get to a general admission show five minutes before it starts, don't expect me to move when you try to squeeze your way to the front of the crowd -- and giving me a dirty look when you try to do it increases the probability of you getting elbowed by me.

7. Getting so drunk you puke.

We've all been there. "Crazy drunk guy" or "crazy drunk girl" decides to get crazy drunk -- in many cases in the parking lot before a show even starts -- and they're completely trashed during the opening act which leads to the involuntary purging of $64 worth of Coors Light before the lights dim for the main show. While I find great momentary comedic value in watching you throw-up all over yourself and they giving your friends that, "I don't know what just happened" look, the rest of us have to deal with it for the rest of the show. If you're going to get that drunk, stay in the parking lot.

8. Loudly complaining after a show because the band didn't play your favorite song.

Enjoy the show. If you didn't hear the song you love from before your favorite band hit it big, move on. Chances are, your favorite band is going to play a dozen of their biggest hits with an occasional, "here's something from our new CD" thrown in.

9. Filming the entire show on your iPhone.

Your iPhone may record "HD" video, but let's be honest: it's going to look really bad. If you want to see blurry video from the show from far away, wait an hour and there will be a dozen clips up on YouTube.

10. Yelling "sit down" at people who are standing up.

This is a tricky game at every show... everyone stands up at the beginning of the show, everyone usually remains standing for a couple songs, then when the first ballad hits, 70 percent of the crowd sits, but some people remain standing, and then people sitting behind the standing people complain they can't see, then into the second ballad those sitting people start to get really annoyed and start yelling "sit down" because the dirty looks given by the sitting people haven't translated into laser beams to blast those standing people into their seats. So let's play this both ways: if you are standing, be mindful of the people around you. If everyone else is sitting and you're standing, swaying back and forth, do us all a favor and sit. If you are the only person sitting and 400 people around you are standing, you're gonna need to stand up to see.

If you can add anything to this list, please use the comments section below.