Maybe you've asked her for directions.  Maybe you've asked her to set a reminder for you.  People with iPhones know her well and they love her.  It's the original Siri.

Now, I always thought Siri's voice was computer generated.  But it turns out that voice actually comes from a voice actor named Susan Bennett.  And she only figured out that she was Siri from a friend.

According to WTOC,

"The first time I actually heard my voice as Siri was when my friend emailed me and said, 'isn't this you?'"

And believe it or not, the Siri voices were recorded way back in 2005!  Bennett had to record her voice for four hours a day for a whole month!

Bennett told CNN,

"When I first discovered that it was my voice, to be honest, it was a little creepy," Bennett said.

Bennett said she started her "life as a machine" while young, and was the voice of Tillie the All Time Teller for the first ATM machine.

She said her voice can also be heard on many GPS and telephone systems, and she's used to hearing her voice at an airport."

Now we need the male version of Siri to come forward!