The deadline has passed for Cat Country 107.3's "Sing With Billy Currington" Contest. One winner will actually sing the duet, "Party For Two" with Billy on stage at the Trump Taj Mahal this Saturday night.

Hundreds of people have entered to win, each submitting a video of them performing a song on camera. Judging is still taking place - and, we will announce the four finalists at 8:20 on Thursday morning on Cat Country 107.3. The four finalists will then audition for Billy Currington and his band Saturday, with the winner getting on stage Saturday Night and singing with Billy.

Now, while we don't yet know who the finalists are.... we do know who won't be finalists.

The idea was to find someone to sing the duet "Party of Two" with Billy Currington on stage. One of the rules was that you had to be 18 or older to enter. Believe it or not, we received dozens of entries from girls younger than 16.... Well, sorry, girls, but you are eliminated already. Yeah, we can't really ask Billy to sing the romantic song with someone not yet of age.

Now, there was no rule against this.... but, again, it's a romantic Billy really doesn't want to sing it with a GUY. Several men entered the contest. Really.

In the spirit of ...well, something.... we now present a few of the male entries we received. Again, sorry guys, but you won't been singing this love song with Billy Currington. Not that there's anything wrong with that.....but, well, no, not this time.

Here's Gilberto J Bermudez from Millville (this guy is really good!):

This is Bobby Ray Smith from Little Egg Harbor:

Finally, a duet entry with Mario Izzo and Danielle Wozniak of Winslow. Sorry, guys, but you two + Billy is one too many.