Yes, the same John Parr that wrote the hit "St. Elmo's Fire."  Sadly enough, Tim Tebow wasn't even alive when this iconic song came out in 1985.  Really?  I was born in 1979 & that even makes me feel old....

Obviously you've seen pictures of famous and not so famous people "Tebowing."  You've heard the amateur raps and songs, but this is the first remake of a classic song that I've heard.

According to The Huffington Post, some lyrics are,

"Where the original "St. Elmo's Fire" began with: "Growing up / You don't see the writing on the wall / Passing by / Moving straight ahead you knew it all," the new "Tim Tebow's Fire" Parr begins with: "Growing up / Gotta keep your eye on the ball / Make it fly / Give it everything, give your all" -- you get the idea.

"Tim Tebow's Fire" even gets a new chorus: "All I need's my Broncos team / Take me where my future's lying / Tim Tebow's Fire."

I love it.