We've been playing Toby Keith's new song here on Cat Country 107.3 for a little while and it's getting some great reviews from our listeners!

The title track to Toby Keith's 'Hope on the Rocks' album proves that Toby Keith has seen his fair share of the inside of many bars.  He understands the relationship between a bartender and his regulars.

Joe Kelly even debuted the new video a few days ago.  Click HERE to watch it!

Toby's new song is a ballad that lends to Toby Keith's great voice and wonderful songwriting ability.

"Then it rained so hard that Mary tried / To take her life with suicide / And disappear just like the thunder / You ask around and no one knows / Where they went or what they do / But you wonder, I know you wonder."

In the song, all the characters stop into the bar for a few drinks to try and sort out their troubles, hence the name 'Hope on the Rocks.'

"Where do they go / They come here / To drown in their sorrow and cry in their beer / They're in need of a mind bender / I'm a bartender / At the end of the day / I'm all they've got / Hope on the rocks."

I've read several other reviews of 'Hope on the Rocks' and it seems collective that this song is the best on the album of the same name.

You can decide that for yourself.

Take a listen to Toby Keith's 'Hope on the Rocks' here.