(Inspired by stuff shared on Facebook.)

This happened to a friend of mine. I'm sharing it with you so you can safe-guard yourself from this possibly happening to you.

My friend was picking up his 13 year old child at school. It was the last day of school, so the kid had a lot of stuff that had been packed in his locker. Lots of torn and ripped folders, bulging with old homework and tests and such; some clay pottery and half a wooden chess board from school projects; and some smelly gym clothes that should have been brought home and washed a long time ago.

As the kid climbed into the back seat of the sedan, Dad pulled away from the curb, and started heading home. Quickly, the stench of the smelly gym clothes got to Dad, and he pulled into the parking lot of the local Taco Bell and stopped the car.

What he did then is the beginning of where something went terribly wrong. Dad ordered his son to hand him the smelly gym clothes. The son complied, passing the clothing to his father to the front seat.

With the engine running, and the car in "Park", Dad popped the trunk and hopped out of the front door. He made his way to the trunk of the car, where he threw the clothes in and slammed the trunk shut.

Right after the trunk slammed, a car appeared, seemingly out of nowhere, beeping it's horn. The driver yelled to Dad, "Excuse me, can you help me with directions." The driver was female, attractive, dressed "business casual."

Dad, always happy to help his fellow traveler, directed the woman to the nearest ATM. After seeing the woman pull away, Dad turned to get back in his car.

Whistling a happy tune, Dad sat down, shut the door, and got ready to put the car into gear. Before shifting, he looked into his rear-view mirror. He saw his son, smiling, apparently without a care in the world.

It was at that very moment, that Dad realized that something was terribly wrong!

It seems that as Dad was helping the lovely stranger with directions..... his son had reached over the front seat and changed the radio station. The boy changed the station from Cat Country 107.3 (Dad's favorite radio station) to some crappy radio station playing crappy music.

Luckily, Dad was able to quickly change the station back to Cat Country 107.3, and was able to hear, in full, the new Miranda Lambert song.

Please don't let what happened to this family happen to you. Warn your kids - often - that it's your damn car, and it's your damn radio.