If you like vampire movies, you were hip and trendy at naming your new furry friend this year.

Banfield Pet Hospital has released its list of the most popular names for dogs in 2011, based on pet names from 780 animal hospitals across the country. While some common human names are in the top 10, it seems the love of anything vampires had an impact on what name was at the top.

1. Bella
2. Max
3. Buddy
4. Daisy
5. Bailey
6. Lucy
7. Molly
8. Coco
9. Charlie
10. Rocky
30. Puppy

I included #30 on purpose because it appears that cat owners are a little less creative when it comes to naming their animals. Here are the top cat names for 2011...

1. Kitty
2. Tiger
3. Bella
4. Kitten
5. Smokey
47. Cat

Yes, the most common name for a cat this year was Kitty -- or perhaps a synonym for "cat" like Tiger or Kitten.  Or if you really didn't want to put any effort into it, the 47th most popular name for a cat was Cat.