It took `til the wee hours of the morning - like the World Series - but the United States of America has elected a new president.

Donald Trump is headed to the White House.

Scanning social media this morning, you'll, no doubt, be bombarded by opinions - some good, but, probably, mostly bad.

  • Maybe we'll hear today about the mass exodus of celebrities leaving the country as they promised...
  • You didn't like the choice? Maybe YOU didn't work hard enough for your candidate - or, maybe, you didn't help pick the right candidate.

As I watched some of the TV commentators whine about the choice, I can't help but think back at the Presidents who've been elected and served in my lifetime:

  • Lyndon Johnson was the first president elected into office during my lifetime. His claim to fame? Thanks to Kennedy's assassination, he was the sitting president. The tall Texan had a funny accent - yet America felt there was no better choice.
  • Richard Nixon was an odd choice for President. He was best known as that ugly, sweaty guy who lost to JFK. He spoke with authority, but was forced to resign in disgrace.
  • Nixon was replaced by a guy most people knew nothing about. Gerald Ford never held public office - until he was chosen as a Vice President fill-in, then elevated to the top job upon Nixon's resignation. The country knew Ford to have played college football a long time ago. He was from Michigan and seemed to hit his head and fall down a lot.
  • Jimmy Carter was next. A funny talking peanut farmer from the South. He will not be remembered as a great President, but, he will be remembered as probably our greatest ex-President.
  • When America couldn't take the peanuts or funny accent any longer, we selected a funny old man - a former actor, although that was a long time ago. Ronald Reagan proved to be endearing to so many Americans. No one really knows if he was really a pretty good President, or he was a pretty good actor playing a President.
  • Then came the first George Bush. Here was a guy that was elected because, well,, who else was there? For 8 years he served as Reagan's Vice-President, without barely being acknowledged by Reagan. Even when Reagan was almost assassinated, no one actually thought Bush would actually be able to take over, if needed. Bush turned out to be a well-respected President - one known for his kinship with current and former military.
  • Then came Bill Clinton. Was he really elected because he played the saxophone on late night TV? There were the scandals. Monica Lewisnky and more. Yet, America loved the guy, and followed him like a puppy dog.
  • After Clinton, the second George Bush. Famous for being a First Son, and for owning a baseball team. Kind of a goofball, but when America needed him on September 11th and after - he was there.
  • Barack Obama was the next man elected President - even though we weren't sure if he was actually born in this country. Oprah liked him, so that was OK with us!

Now, comes Donald Trump. Some might call him a buffoon. Many love him. Whatever way you spin him, he's different, and gives our country a new look.

Will he succeed? Who knows. Will he try? Certainly. Should we give him a chance to lead? Absolutely.

Could he do any worse that some of those mentioned above?

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