The National Anthem plays on the Wildwood Boardwalk every day at 11am.  Usually, everyone stops, takes of their hats and holds their hands to their hearts.

However, one day last week a t-shirt shop left their in-store music blasting while people on the boardwalk respectively sang their nation's anthem.

This made a lot of people really mad.

However, the owner of the store says he always lowers his music while the National Anthem plays and that this was a huge misunderstanding.  According to,

(Mario) Sophoclis said he had just arrived at work for the day and that not lowering the store's music was a one-time mistake.

"We sure do turn it down every day at 11," he wrote. Sophoclis said the owner wasn't at the store that morning.

The store has been blasted on social media and for two days people carrying American Flags peacefully protested outside the store on the boardwalk, according to Watch The Tram Car Please,

Since last week, the owners of the shop have fired the person responsible for not lowering the music during the National Anthem.  And they left a note for anyone to see...  You can see it HERE...