The ocean is a vast and mysterious place. Sometimes it leaves us little surprised on our beaches. Everything from weird fish to rockets, South Jersey beaches have seen some pretty weird things.

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    A Rocket

    Ok, not that kind of rocket. No not the racoon from Guardians of the Galaxy. Back in 2012 a rocket warhead washed up on the beach in Atlantic City around the area of New Hampshire Ave. Read about it here.

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    Prohibition Era Bottles

    The Longport Public Works Department has piles of some items they've found on the beach while cleaning it up. Of course the usual sandals, keys and blankets are found left on the beach. The strangest thing they've found was a Prohibition era bottle. Reach more here.

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    Baby Jesus Statue

    The Clean Ocean Action is an organization that has been organizing beach sweeps since 1985 all over New Jersey. You can imagine they have found some pretty weird things. Plastic items make of the majority of the garbage on the beach. Volunteers have even found a statue of Baby Jesus.

    Francesco Cura, Thinkstock
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    Giant Whale

    See I feel like giant just isn't a large enough adjective for explaining how big this whale in Ocean City was. I need to say words like enormous, gargantuan, and colossal. I'm just impressed I spelled gargantuan right on the first try. A 60-foot finback whale washed up on the beach in Ocean City in January of 2012. You have to see these pictures.

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    Another Giant Whale

    This whale i can use giant for. Yes, the humpback whale weighed 25 tons and measured at 35 feet long, but that is just over half the size of the finback in Ocean City. The humpback was found in January of this year near Holgate. See the whale here.

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    Before you yell at me saying I have a lot of marine animals on this list and that it's not that weird since they live in the ocean, just hear me out. First of all look at that thing. It doesn't look real. The mola mola, or ocean sunfish, can be found off the coast of New Jersey. However, this one washed up on Reed's Bay in Atlantic City, which was odd. Read about it here.

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    Sea Monster?

    Remains of an odd looking creature washed up on a dog beach on the bay in Egg Harbor Township. Could it just be the skeleton of a small shark or other known sea creature? Possibly, but it's much cooler to think it's a baby sea monster. It's kind of like our very own Loch Ness Monster. See it here.