If you've lived in South Jersey for more than 12 minutes, you know we have a lot of deer around here. And it seems our deer are rather brave, especially the ones that stand on the shoulder of the expressway as you zoom by at 65 MPH. But what, exactly, are your odds of hitting a deer?

I know -- this seems like a morbid bit of factoids, but here goes...

The folks at State Farm insurance have calculated the odds of a motorist hitting a deer in every state.  For us here in New Jersey, you have a 1-in-210 chance of a deer-versus-car collision. Surprisingly, with all of the deer around here, we are no where near the top of the list -- in fact, New Jersey ranks 33rd on this list.

The top five states: West Virginia (1:41), Montana (1:65), Iowa (1:73), South Dakota (1:75), and Pennsylvania (1:77). Hawaii is the place where you are least likely to hit a deer.

Aren't you glad you know all of the stats?

Eighteen percent of all deer crashes occur in November when deer are mating and the average amount of damage is around $3,400.