Mother's Day is on Sunday! Do you know what Mom really wants?

If you've gotten your gift for Mom already good for you!

If you haven't...shame on you.

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Here's the TOP 10 things that Mom want's on her special day according to a recent survey:


  • 1

    A Card

    I mean, it's basic and expected, but that's ok. It's the little things and the thought that counts on Mother's Day, and that's exactly what Mom wants!

    The average American will send out 2.6 Mother's Day cards, so you should probably be one of them...

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  • 2

    Massage or Spa Day

    22% of Mom's would love this time to relax and reflect how much she loves the one who got her this gift ;) It allows her to take the stress off for just an hour or so, before she get's back to being the most amazing Mommy that she is!

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  • 3

    Personalized Gift

    I'm OBSESSED with personalized gifts. I get so excited to give gifts like this because, well... It's personal! Mom's apparently love it too, 21% of them prefer it, in fact! Check out Personal Creations for some seriously awesome ideas.

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  • 4


    It's the go-to honestly, so Mom's expect flowers if anything! It also helps brighten their special day and 18% Mom's would love to see flowers on Mother's day.

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  • 5

    A Meal

    14% of Moms would LOVE a meal! Whether it be home cooked by the kids (preferred) or out to eat, Mom just doesn't want to be the one to cook for the day!

  • 6

    Homemade Craft

    Flashback to the good ol' days when you used to make arts and crafts in grade school for Mom! Hand-print hearts, painted pictures, cereal necklaces and all. My Mom still has hers from when I was little! So a homemade gift goes far with  of Moms!

  • 7


    Plastic surgeons say Mother's Day has helped spur a jump in Botox gift certificate sales...Not that our Hot Mama's need it but hey, whatever makes mama feel good! #MILF

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  • 8


    You can never go wrong with accessories in my opinion, and apparently to 12% of Moms too!

    But if you've gotten jewelry for Mom every year then I'd steer clear of it this year...or maybe a jewelry holder in that case.

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  • 9


    Believe it or not...KFC says Mother's Day is their biggest day of the year. On Sunday, they'll sell over 10,000,000 pieces of chicken resulting in close to $18,000,000 in sales... ok MOM.

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  • 10


    It's as easy as that! Mom just want's to spend time with her kids on her special day dedicated to being a MOM. Give her a hug or even a call if you're far, 1.2 billion calls will be placed on Mother's Day.

    So hang out with Mom on Mother's Day and it'll all be okay!

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