I seem to take a good amount of pictures on my phone. I want to share some of those photos with you.

I'm pretty proud that not one of them is me standing in the bathroom in front of a mirror. (I think the new estimate is that 67% of all photos are taken in the bathroom.)

I had to replace my phone in mid-summer, so this is kind of a photo essay of how I spent my summer. As you can see, I saw a lot of 17u baseball games this summer!

Here's my son, Michael, playing baseball at a tournament in Maryland. He hit the ball in this shot. I think a single to right field.








My daughter, Devan, lives and goes to college in Nashville. She came home for 2 weeks this summer. While she was home, someone broke into her apartment. I went back to Nashville with her to check out the damage. (Note the piece of wood on the door behind her.)








We had Darryl Worley at one of our Backyard BBQs this summer. We twisted his arm to go fight some fires while he was here...








We had that sandwich eating contest over the summer. This sandwich from Bally's was bigger than a football! My stomach still hurts! I didn't even finish half of it.








One of our in-studio guests this summer was singer Rachele Lynae. I felt bad `cause I kept mispronouncing her name.








While playing at a tournament in Virginia, my son and I took a side trip to play some 3D mini-golf. While it was a rip-off financially, it was pretty cool, and we got to wear 3D glasses!








I told you I saw a lot of baseball! Here's Michael pitching somewhere in Pennsylvania.








At this tournament in North Carolina, Michael was so sick. I'm pretty sure he had pneumonia, but he's like an old man and hates going to the doctor. He slept in the car the 90 minutes to the game from our hotel, woke up and pitched a complete game victory. Afterwards, he slept all the way back to the hotel, then the rest of the day and night.









A couple weeks ago, I saw a lot of dolphin off the beach in Longport. Here's my attempt in catching them on camera. I'm pretty sure I struck out.









My wife and I escaping from our children for a couple hours.









That's it. That's a look at the pictures in my phone. More to come if I can fumble my way through more picture taking....