We're getting ready to do some remodeling here at the radio station, so this morning I spent two or three hours cleaning out my office.  I am simply amazed at the amount of stuff that has accumulated in a room that I don't spend much time in.

In addition to being on the air every afternoon on Cat Country 107.3, I also produce all of the commercials for the five radio stations in our building, so my office is (was) a museum for advertising in South Jersey -- in any number of media formats that aren't used anymore.  See, kids, before you had 15,000 songs on your cell phone, we used these things called "tapes" -- reel-to-reels, cassette tapes, etc. -- and even DAT tapes (they were really cool for about five weeks -- they were probably invented by the same guy who made laser discs).

And while cleaning out my office was a chore, I did get a laugh when I was almost done.  Way in the back of a cabinet behind my desk, I found a bottle of wine in one of those Christmas-type wine holder bags with a TO: name tag attached to it... with a co-workers name after the "TO."  Apparently, I was going to give this bottle of wine to (someone who still works here) as a sign of good tidings and festive holiday cheer, but I guess the cheer level was around zero that day and it got shoved to the back of a cabinet instead.

If it really is better to give than receive, then it must really be good to receive something that was never given to someone in the first place.  It certainly brightened my spirits (no pun intended, unless this bottle of wine was supposed to be yours).