Just when you thought you'd never hear from Pokemon again.....

Pokemon is back - and it seems like a lot of people are playing Pokemon Go on their phone!

The idea is to capture as many Pokemon as you can.

I think.

I'm not sure.

I really don't know.

I've seen the game in action - and, you may have seen people playing it.

A main factor of the game is that it in order to play, you have to go outside once in a while to find Pokemon to capture them.

I think.

You remember outside, right? People used to hang out there in nice weather before smart phones, computers, X-Boxes, and TVs that cover the entire living room wall.

There are rumors of people showing up in mass in places with their heads down, playing on their phones. There have also been rumors of accidents caused by people playing the game while driving. (Not Good!)

Here's a look at some tweets about the game: