The manager of Little Italy in Wildwood Crest has devoted his life to "paying it forward."  Because he once tried to take his own life.

Known only to as Michael, the store manager once decided to take his own life but, thankfully, changed his mind.  He's since devoted his life to others by helping them out in hard times.

Sarah Renee Langley and her family were visiting the Crest for Labor Day Weekend and while dining they were told that their $100 bill was taken care of.  Mary, Renee's mother suffers from Alzheimer's disease.

According to,

Michael told Langley he contemplated suicide 10 years ago before deciding against it.  He told Langley he wants to celebrate caregivers who look after terminally ill family members, the report said.

Langley told the television station she intends to perform a similar act of kindness toward a stranger.

God Bless Michael!  And the Langley family!