We've hidden a Jason Aldean "treasure" somewhere in South Jersey. If you're the first one to find it - and know the secret code word - you'll win 2 tickets to see Jason Aldean tomorrow night at Atlantic City's Boardwalk Hall!UPDATE! THE ITEM HAS BEEN FOUND. THE CONTEST IS OVER. The item was in the parking lot in the shopping center near Target in Mays Landing....


We will be updating this story every 15 or 20 minutes with new clues. Use these clues, combined with the clues we're giving out on the radio - Cat Country 107.3 - to find the treasure! We'll be announcing the code word often - you should be able to get it just by listening for 10 or 15 minutes.

Be aware that you are at your own risk while competing here. The item is outside in a public place, not inside anywhere. You should be able to see it without moving anything.You cannot see it from a road or highway.

Here's your first clue: It's not anywhere in this area!

Google Maps

Next Clue: It's somewhere on this map. Honestly, though, it is NOT where the "A" is marked. To put  it even more bluntly: the item is not in Egg Harbor City



Next Clue: Hey Don't Leave!





It's less than a half mile from this sign:

In the neighborhood!



Now, back to the clues... here's another one. Hmmm





Look Here:





This is right below it!