The Great Scavenger Hunt is about to begin! The prize: 2 tickets to the show, 2 backstage passes to meet Toby Keith at Revel Casino Sunday Night! You'll get your picture taken with him, some great tour merchandise, and an autographed 8×10 photo of Toby!

UPDATE!!!! Rob found it at 7:45 am! Only with these clues! What the what? Yeah, really! It was located under a deck at John F. Kennedy Park in Somers Point.

Along with the picture clues below, here's the clues given out on the radio: South of the Expressway, East of the Parkway, on the ground, no dogs allowed, there once was a circle nearby, and there's Mustangs living nearby

Pictured is the official Cat Country Red Solo Trophy. Find It and call us at 609-383-1073 to claim your prize.

Basically, here are the rules. First person to find the trophy and calls us wins. You must be 18. Anything that happens to you while searching for the tickets is at your risk. That means accidents, traffic tickets, arrests, etc. are all your responsibility, not ours. By “playing the game”, you assume any and all risk. In short, don’t break any laws and be nice. PLEASE do not check our website, make phone calls, or text while driving.

The trophy is hidden in a public place. It is NOT on or right next to a road, highway, airport, or in a body of water. It is not on private property. Nothing needs to be touched or moved. The trophy can be easily seen if you’re standing in the right place. If you are driving, you will not see it from your car, and there is no need to park your car illegally.

We will be providing clues every so often both right here on and on the radio on Cat Country 107.3. (The clues on the radio will be different than the clues here.) We have determined that the easiest way to win is to check out all the clues as they become available. Refresh this page often- new clues will pop up every 15 or 20 or so.

CLUE #1 Leaving our Cat Country Studios, and driving a direct route to where the Red Solo Cup Trophy is.... this is the first photo I snapped.

CLUE #2 On my way to place the Red Solo Cup in it's secret place, I passed:

CLUE #3 This is certainly within a couple hundred yards of the Red Solo Cup Trophy's hiding place:



CLUE #4 This is the closest McDonald's to the Red Solo Cup Trophy

CLUE #5 This is the closest high school to the Red Solo Cup


CLUE #6: This is not the closest WAWA to the trophy. It's either the 2nd or 3rd closest