If you're like me, you like to waste time by playing Words With Friends. As someone who drinks coffee out of a Scrabble mug everyday, I at least give the impression that I might be good at it, even though I'm typically in the 200-250 point range (my highest score in Words With Friends, so far, is 426). While Words With Friends is a fun game, I think you should be required to use some of the more unconventional words that it accepts in a conversation the next day (I have this issue with Scrabble, too, although Scrabble players seem to be people that can actually hold a conversation around the word "umiaq."). Sure, you scored 109 points with "mbaqangas" last night, but can you use it in a sentence? My sarcastic point is, if you are playing against me or others who frequent the 200-250 point range, please show some providence as you execute the transplanting of your game iotas.

By the way, since you can exchange letters in Words With Friends and pretty much set-up the board to manipulate the score, you can play the word oxyphenbutazone across three triple letter squares for 1,778 points. If you are playing Scrabble and you are lucky enough to start the game with the letters to spell out MUZJIKS, you can grab a quick 128 points.