The votes are in and your round 2 winners for would you rather South Jersey editions are here.

We started with 20 South Jersey sites, activities, and food which we narrowed down to 10. The results are in and we are now down to the final 5.

In the battle between Smithville and Batsto, Smithville won by a staggering 82%.

John Greim

Lucy the Elephant beat out Fantasy Island 63% to 37%.


Shockingly, you would rather relax on the beach over eating boardwalk pizza.


Cat Country listeners would rather go to the Cape May Zoo over playing mini golf in Ocean City, 79% to 21%.

Google Maps

People would rather take a ride on the Cape May Ferry over taking a carriage ride in Cape May.

Jennifer Lynn

So what does that leave us with? Smithville, Lucy the Elephant, the beach,  Cape May Zoo, and the Cape May Ferry are left to battle it out.

Take the poll to find our winner!

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